The International Network AML/CFT Institute is:

  • 7 countries.
  • 50 universities, educational and scientific centers.
  • More than 761.4 thousand students (over 533.2 thousand Russian and over 228.2 thousand foreign). In the direction of AML /FT - more than 5.0 thousand Russian and 500 foreign students.
  • More than 60.5 thousand teachers (over 41.2 thousand Russian and over 19.3 thousand foreign).
  • A modern scientific and educational consortium uniting universities, scientific and educational centers of the states of the Eurasian region - Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.
  • A new format of successful interuniversity and scientific partnership: practice, science and education.
  • Providing the AML/CFT system of Russia and partner states with human and scientific potential.
  • The only association of universities in the Eurasian region that trains practitioners in the anti-washing field.
  • A unified system for the use of intellectual, material, information resources, expert, scientific and educational potential and innovative technologies of participants.

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