Turan University (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Turan University (Republic of Kazakhstan)
  • Address:
  • Kazakhstan, Almaty, Satpaeva, 16A
  • Site:
  • Date of founding:
  • July 24, 1992
  • Number of students / in the field of AML/CFT:
  • 5 842 / 459
  • Number of teachers / in the field of AML/CFT:
  • 504 / 22
  • Rector:
  • Alshanov Rahman Alshanovich
The contact person
  • PhD, Associate Research Professor of the Department of Marketing and Logistics, Director of the Science Department of the University of Turan:
  • Orynbet Perizat Zhangirkyzy
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • (7778) 888-0275

General information

Turan University

Date of joining the International Network AML/CFT Institute: October 27, 2022 (Protocol of Accession).

Turan University was founded in 1992, is one of the first and largest non-state universities in Kazakhstan and positions itself as an innovative and entrepreneurial university.

The university has 5 faculties: Economics, Humanities and Law, the Faculty of the Higher School of Business, the Faculty of Digital Technologies and Arts and the Preparatory Faculty, 15 departments, 4 research institutes: the Research Institute of Tourism, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, the Research Institute of Law, Research Institute of Informatization of Education.

There are 3 dissertation councils. Turan University covers the full educational cycle (bachelor s, master s and PhD studies).

Currently, 27 undergraduate, 27 master s, 2 MBA, 5 PhD and 1 DBA educational programs are being trained. Education in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. The total number of students is 4621 people, faculty - 362 people.

The official Internet resource (website) operates in 3 languages. In 2017, the University was accredited as a subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities.

The scientific journal "Turan University Bulletin" is published. Over the years of activity, 27472 specialists graduated from the University "Turan".

The department "Financial monitoring" functions in the structure of the Faculty of Economics.

The department conducts training in the EP "Finance" (bachelor s degree, master s degree).

Within the framework of the EP, the modules "Financial monitoring" and "Financial security" are implemented in the cycle of major disciplines, the EP of the master s program "Financial monitoring and financial markets" was developed.

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