Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev (USGUU)

Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev (USGUU)
  • Address:
  • Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya str., 21
  • Site:
  • Date of founding:
  • September 15, 1918
  • Number of students / in the field of AML/CFT:
  • 8 030 / 124
  • Number of teachers / in the field of AML/CFT:
  • 802 / 1
  • Rector:
  • Bublik Vladimir Alexandrovich
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Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev (USGUU)

Date of joining the International AML/CFT Network Institute: October 3, 2023

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev " was established on September 15, 1918.

The founder of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education named after V.F. Yakovlev is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The formation and development of the University was carried out by the works of several generations of professors, teachers and staff – adherents of the values of law and the best traditions of higher education in the training of high-class lawyers.

Sverdlovsk Law Institute (SIU) – Ural State Law Academy (USUAA), now the USUU named after V.F. Yakovlev, have raised a brilliant galaxy of professionals not only of regional, federal, but also of international scale. Over the years of the university s existence, more than 90 thousand highly qualified specialists have been trained within the walls of SUI — UrGUA – UrGYU.

Every year, up to 10,000 students, postgraduates and trainees receive secondary vocational and higher education at the V.F. Yakovlev USU. Training is carried out at 19 departments, 7 institutes and in the Department of Postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The educational process is provided and supported by such important structures as: 7 research centers; a scientific library, the fund of which has more than 800 thousand storage units; the Department of Scientific Research and International cooperation, which includes the research sector; the center for legal expertise and consulting; the Department of International Relations.

The structure of the University also includes editorial offices of journals covering current problems of legal science and practice: "Russian Law Journal" and "Russian Law: Education, Practice, Science", "Business, Management and Law" and "Herald of The Euro-Asian Law Congress" (Bulletin of the Euro-Asian Law Congress). The publication of the monthly newspaper "Lawyer" contributes to the formation and maintenance of corporate spirit.

The Student Scientific Society of the Ural State University named after V.F. Yakovlev unites student scientific societies of all institutes. 13 scientific schools of the University carry out the education of the young generation of scientists. The main scientific event of the year is the All-Russian Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Evolution of Russian Law".

In order to integrate the University into the world educational and scientific space, the V.F. Yakovlev USU carries out international cooperation on the implementation of bilateral and multilateral academic exchange in the field of higher legal education. The University cooperates with 16 partners of the near and 14 partners of the far abroad – higher schools, universities and academies.

Since 2011, the University has operated the Museum of the History of SUI – UrGUA – UrGYU, whose activities are aimed at preserving the historical memory of the university, studying the traditions of legal education, as well as the experience of SUI – UrGUA – UrGYU as the leading law university of the country.

The high level of organization of extracurricular work at the university influences the civil self-determination and self-realization of students, the formation of their active life, the maximum satisfaction of the needs for intellectual, spiritual, cultural, creative and moral development.

Graduates of the University at various times were well—known lawyers in Russia and abroad - V. F. Yakovlev, N. S. Trubin, E. A. Smolentsev, Yu. Ya. Chaika, A. E. Buksman, V. Ya. Grin, P. V. Krasheninnikov, S. A. Aristov, A. K. Daulbaev, A. A. Evstifeev, A. I. Tatarkin, A. B. Karlin, A. N. Kokotov, L. O. Krasavchikova, A. Yu. Sinenko, O. S. Khokhryakova, I. I. Shklovets, I. E. Manylov, A. S. Golovin, S. V. Rudakov, A. I. Khersontsev, D. G. Khramov and many others. A special place among them is occupied by an outstanding Russian jurist, the founder of the Ural Scientific School of the theory of State and law, one of the authors of the current Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation — S. S. Alekseev.

The share of employment of graduates of the Ural State University named after V.F. Yakovlev is more than 95%. They replenish the personnel reserves of law enforcement agencies, courts, lawyers and notaries, public authorities and municipal administration, banking, insurance, investment spheres, legal structures of enterprises, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership, make a significant contribution to the cause of state-legal construction, the development of legal science and education in Russia.

Ural State University named after V.F. Yakovlev is rightfully considered the "forge" of legal personnel and is proud of its remarkable hundred-year history, maintaining a leading position in the modern academic community.

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